We understand that not everyone wants to vape or smoke. We also understand that cooking with cannabis can be somewhat intimidating. We will detail our preferred method for cooking with the blends. There are several ways to cook with cannabis, and a quick search of the web will provide you with more than you will ever need to know. Keeping that in mind, we are only covering the method that we prefer.

The first thing you need to understand about cooking with cannabis is the decarboxylation process. If you eat raw cannabis, nothing will happen to you (maybe an upset stomach) and you will not get any of the desired benefits. Again, you can do a quick search of the web and find multiple methods to decarb cannabis, so we are only going to cover the method we prefer.

The second thing that needs to be understood is how much cannabis to use for cooking. Although we want to take advantage of everything that the cannabis has to offer, we use the THC amount for our cooking recipe guidelines.

Let's get started - 

We will use the Soldier for Life Blend for our example, and we will be making a batch of brownies.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 7.50.54 AM.png

Step 1


Determine how much cannabis you will need for your recipe. We will be using a 19.9 oz box of Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix. This box of brownies will make 20 servings. Let's say that we wanted each serving to be 5mg of THC. That would be 100mg of THC for the batch. If we wanted each serving to be 10mg of THC, that would be 200mg of THC for the batch.

1 gram = 1000 mg. If the THC content is 20%, that would be 200 mg of THC. Since each brownie can be 160+ calories, maybe we want to cut the serving in half and still get our dose. No problem, just double the amount of cannabis, half the brownie, and you are all set. This allows you to consume less than 100 calories per dose.

How do we use the right amount of our desired blend? The unfortunate answer is more math, but no worries, you got this.

We are using the Soldier for Life Blend for our example. Make sure you are aware of the THC content of your strains. The information should be on the packaging, or you can ask your budtender. We need to know the THC content and the parts, for example - 

GSC - 21% (3 parts)

Durban Poison - 20% (1 part)

Trainwreck - 19.9% (1 part)

We do not want to insult anyone's intelligence, but the math looks like this - 


21+21+21+20+19.9 = 102.9 divided by 5 parts = 20.58%


Blend - 20.58%

1 gram will give us 205.8 mg of THC.

This is a good starting point if you are new to cooking with cannabis. You can use trial and error to see what works for you.


In the Calibrated Cannabis lab, we use a 9x9 pan and cut 16 brownies.

We call 1/4 of the brownie a serving, so we are making 64 servings.

We want 1/4 brownie to be around 8mg, so we need around 500mg of THC.

In the case of the example, we would need about 2.5 grams of blend to achieve our results.

That is about 50 calories for about 8mg of THC, fair trade.

GSC - 1.5g

Durban Poison - .5g

Trainwreck - .5g


Total - 2.5g

Make sure you are aware of the THC content of your strains. The information should be on the packaging, or you can ask your budtender.

Step 2

We have weighed out the parts and we are ready to decarb. Here at the Calibrated Cannabis lab we use the Ardent Lift or Ardent Nova. We are not affiliated with Ardent, but we can not say enough good things about this product. Perfect decarb every time with no mess and no smell. You can decarb and cook and still be discrete.

We have tried whole bud and ground cannabis, but we have found that pulling your buds apart to popcorn bud sized pieces works the best. Throw your popcorn sized pieces into the decarboxylator and follow the instruction on the decarboxylator.

Once your cannabis is finished in the decarboxylator, it is time to grind it to a fine powder. We use a coffee bean grinder. Dump the cannabis from the decarboxylator straight to the coffee bean grinder and grind until it reaches a flour like consistency.

Step 3

You are ready to make the brownies. Start with combining the 1/2 cup of oil for the brownies with the decarbed and finely ground cannabis. Blend for a few minutes until you see some dissolving start to happen. It will not totally dissolve, do not worry about that. Now add everything else - water, eggs, and brownie mix. Mix as you would normally and by the time your batter is mixed, your cannabis should be evenly distributed and ready to bake. Bake following the instructions on the box.

Yes, it really is that easy. After you follow this once or twice, you will be a seasoned pro.


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Disclaimer: All cannabis information displayed on this website should be used as an informative tool and not as a medical recommendation. Please consult your doctor before using cannabis for medical purposes.