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Disclaimer: All cannabis information displayed on this website should be used as an informative tool and not as a medical recommendation. Please consult your doctor before using cannabis for medical purposes.


We have two separate services, one for Blend Recipes and one for Single Strain Recommendations. If you would like to try a blend, you can simply click on Blend Recipes and select a symptom. You will see a blend recipe that has been specifically made for that symptom. For Single Strain Recommendations, simply select a symptom and you will see a recommendation or maybe two for single strains. This is a great tool if you are shopping for an oil cartridge or other concentrates.


The blend recipes are measured in parts, this way you can make as much or as little as you need. You will need a small scale (kitchen, jewelry, postal, etc), a grinder, and a small storage container or bag. Simply weigh out the flower before you grind, then after all the needed strains are weighed out, put them in the grinder together and grind as desired. We recommend using a clean grinder, and if your grinder has a kief catch be sure to mix the kief back in to the blend after you finish grinding. Dump the contents from the grinder into a container or bag. Too easy! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!



Dosing can be difficult, so we recommend starting with 0.10g if you are just starting out. If you have some tolerance, then you can try 0.20g. Once you are comfortable, we recommend approx. 0.20 – 0.25g in a dry herb vaporizer. Take a hit or two (hold your hit for about 3 seconds) and wait about 10-15 minutes to see how you feel. Remember, you can always medicate more, but once it is in your system, you cannot medicate less. Take your time and make notes of your effects until you find what works for you.




Everyone reacts to cannabis differently. While we have painstakingly researched and made these blend recipes based on our research, it quite honestly may not work for you and you may need to tweak it a little bit to fit your needs. That is fine, a little less of this and a little more of this may be just what you need. We want to know! We want feedback on the blend recipes, and we want to know if you had to make adjustments and what those adjustments were.


Nothing on this site is meant to cure any disease or medical issue. Cannabis is a great way to help with symptoms in a very natural way. While the blend recipes and single strain recommendations are meant to assist you in getting relief from your symptoms, you must know that nothing on this site is meant to cure any disease or medical issue.


We HIGHLY recommend consulting your doctor before you start to use cannabis. Cannabis can interact negatively with some prescription medications, therefore consulting your doctor is extremely important.